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All customers will receive


Stylized, Material, Texture, handpainted, wood, Grass, stone, Water, nature, ground, Pixel, Ice, Scifi, metal, sand

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Limited offer :

All customers will receive Stylized Crystal Collection and Stylized Fantasy Village for FREE*

Super Texture Collection with perfectly tileable textures is an extremely large collection of textures!

This collection of textures covers all types of surfaces that you need for your project.

This bundle SAVE you 65% off the regular standalone texture set’s.

This collection contains all kinds of materials you might need for your project.

Ground, walls, nature, desert, sci-fi, pixel, ice, lava, dirt, bricks, cliffs, lava, water, metals, rocks, terrain, sand, snow, ice, stone, surface, tiles, grass, gravel, organic, flowers, roofs, wood, crystals, patterns, fabric, pavement, terrain.

This Bundle includes:


– 608 Unique Textures

– Included Texture Set Vol.1-Vol.108

– Mobile and PBR ready

– Base Color / Normal / Roughness / Height / Ambient Occlusion

– Resolution 2048x2048px ( work great on 512*512px )

– PNG format

– Tillable

– Hand Painted

– One texture cost’s less then 50 cent!

SUPER futures:

– Discord badge and private channel;

– Early access to 3D models and Textures;

– 50% Discount (works on lowlypoly.com);

– 30% Discount for custom asset’s;

– 1x Free Texture Request (5 textures);

– Priority support.

Largest Collection of Textures :

Super Texture Collection (over 600 textures)

– Stylized Hand Painted Textures – Mega Bundle Part 1 (300 textures)

– Ultimate Texture Collection – Mega Bundle Part 2 (300 textures)


– RTS Buildings

Fantasy Buildings

Fantasy Environment

– Fantasy Props

– Texture Collection’s

– Texture Bundle’s

– Free Game Textures

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**If you have any trouble with downloading this collection, please send to our email your invoice number (IN…) to support@lowlypoly.com

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