[10% OFF] Cyberpunk Interior – Low Poly – Published By GYP Studios

GYP Studios presents –

🏮 Cyberpunk Interior – Low Poly is made for<...


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Short Description:

GYP Studios presents –

🏮 Cyberpunk Interior – Low Poly is made for<...


Discount: 10% OFF

Asset Title: Cyberpunk Interior – Low Poly

Publisher: GYP Studios

Category: 3d, environments, sci-fi

More Details about this asset:

GYP Studios presents –

🏮 Cyberpunk Interior – Low Poly is made for Built-in & URP(Universal Render Pipeline) Project.

It allows you to create a Cyberpunk Interior. Focusing on AAA quality Low Poly style game assets, and highly inspired by Cyberpunk 2077. By using a wide variety of modular prefabs, you can make any kind of building. There is no limitation.

More than 980 high-quality Prefabs.

▶ Key Features ◀

  • Wide variety of modular prefabs
  • 2 Demo scenes
  • AAA quality demo scene
  • This package suits any other low poly assets such as Synty Studios

▶ Assets ◀

  • Blood_Splatters (x10)
  • Decos (Building Decorations x16, Circuit_Box x4, Door_Eaves x2, Duct x7, Interior_Deco x35, pipe x14, Road_Drain x2, Vent x17 Wire x10)
  • Floors (x76)
  • Furnitures (Bar_Ceiling x7, Bar_Table x7, Bath x1, Bed x2, Cabinet x1, Cash_Counter x1, Ceiling_Fan x2, Chair x22, Curtain x5, Data_Box x5, Desk x29, Door_Lock x1, Entrance_Scanner x2, Fridge x3, Induction x1, Iv_Stand x1, Kitchen Hood x1, Desk Lamp x1, Machine x1, Microwave x1, Mirror x1, Monitor x6, Operation Lamp x1, Partition Wall x14, Shelf x3, Shower Panel x1, Sink x1, Table x10, Toilet x1, Towel_Rack x1, Washstand x1, )
  • Modules (Building module x3, Cube x1, Door x10, Door_Frame x7, Door Slide x1, Fence x15, Plane x1, Triangular_Prism x3, Wall x106, Window x12)
  • Vegetations (Areca Palm x3, Bamboo x6, Flower Bed x6, Grass x5, SplitLeaf Philodendron x4, Tree x16)
  • Rocks (Rock Statue x2, Rack Wall x1)
  • Neons (Geometric Logo x7, Cherry x1, Palm Tree x1)
  • Probs (Basket x1, Beer Tabs x1, Beer Tabs Base x1, Bookend x1, Books x2, Bottle x2, Sauce Bottle x2, Box x4, Button Panel x1, Can x2, Carpet x2, Crate x3, Cup x3, Cushion x1, Dumbbell x1, Eyeball x1, Glass Jar x2, Keyboard x1, Laptop x1, Lotion x1, Mouse x1, Perfume x1, Pinset x1, Pizza Box x2, Plate x1, Steel Plate x2, Pot x2, Robot Arm x1, Scissors x1, Screwdriver x1, Security Camera x1, Shampoo x1, Toilet Tissue x1, Vase x2, VR Headset x1, Weapon Box x1)
  • Sign & Graffiti & Poster (Graffiti x16, Poster x6, Signboard x3, Signboard Preset x1, Video ad x4)
  • Trash (Dirt x8, Drum x1, Garbage Bag x2, Mattress x2, Abandoned Papers x4, Trash Box x2, Trash Can x1)
  • Texts (2D Numbers x10, 3D Alphabets x104, 3D Numbers x40, 3D Japanese x96, Barcode x1, etc)
  • Etc (Cube x1, Elevator x1, Entrance x3, Generator x1, Lamp x21, Llift x2, Newspaper x5, Passageway x3, Pillar x16, Plane x1, Platform x6, Roof x1, Stairs x7, Stairs Platform 12, Street Lamp x1, Vending Machine x4)

▶ Compatibility ◀

  • Built-in (Included Built-In Install-Package)
  • URP (Included URP Install-Package)

▶ Detailed information ◀

  • Texture dimension & Type: 2048 x2048, PNG format
  • Average polygon count: Wall(2~300 tris), Door(60~500 tris), Furniture(50~150 tris), Probs(100~300 tris), Vending machine(200~600 tris)

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