[10% OFF] Fantasy Village – Spawner Pack for “SUNTAIL Fantasy Village” – Published By Procedural Worlds

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Landscape, Environment, town, RPG, nature, Fantasy, spawner, City, Stylized, village, Medieval, mmorpg, GeNa Pro, Gaia, Low Poly

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    Discount: 10% OFF

    Asset Title: Fantasy Village – Spawner Pack for “SUNTAIL Fantasy Village”

    Publisher: Procedural Worlds

    Category: 3d, environments, fantasy

    More Details about this asset:

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    Create amazing nature scenes fast with this Spawner Pack for the SUNTAIL Stylized Fantasy Village asset!

    I love modular asset packs! I get excited by visions of the amazing worlds I could create, and so i start placing blocks… and then reality sets in. Manually placing tens to hundreds of thousands of perfectly aligned objects into your scene is intensely time consuming.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if you could create and place infinite variatons of landscapes within minutes? What about flattening the terrain under buildings, or painting forests, or making roads, paths, rivers and fences?

    Enter the Procedural Worlds Spawner Pack for SUNTAIL Stylized Fantasy Village. It merges the procedural power of Gaia Pro and GeNa Pro with your artistic vision to enable you to create in minutes what would take weeks or months by hand.

    Sample Work Flow:

    Here is a example work flow for how you would create or enhance your scene with the SUNTAIL Stylized Fantasy Village asset.

    1. Create your terrain with Gaia Pro 2021

    2. Fill your scene with GeNa Pro:

    • Manually place villages, campfires and rock clusters with a click
    • Add rivers and roads and even whole streets along splines with GeNa Pro
    • Add a wide range of props all perfectly placed with more clicks
    • Paint in Trees, bushes, small rocks, and other small detail asset

    3.  Finalize & optimize your scene with Gaia Pro

    Please note, steps 1 & 3 are optional and can either be omitted completely or done with your existing tool of choice. GeNa Pro works with both mesh terrain and Unity terrain.

    Design Time or Runtime!

    GeNa Pro works as happily at run time as it does at design time. For more advanced developers the GeNa Pro spawners can be executed via scripts at runtime for completely random procedural environments.

    Unofficial HDRP Support!

    The Stylized Fantasy Village Pack officially does not support HDRP, but we added an unofficial HDRP support package to allow the usage of the assets in HDRP. (* not all Raygeas Water Shader features supported in HDRP, Tree leaves do currently not move with the wind)

    Required Assets:

    The PWS – SUNTAIL Stylized Fantasy Village – Spawner Pack is a hybrid asset pack. What this means are that there are several other packs that must also be purchased and installed in order for it to work as it builds on their content and systems.

    SUNTAIL Stylized Fantasy Village by Raygeas

    Gaia Pro 2021 – Awards 2020 Winner – Best Artistic Tool.

    GeNa Pro – Awards 2018 Finalist (GeNa) – Best Artistic Tool.

    Note : Gaia Pro 2021 is optional – you can use the GeNa presets on unity terrains made with other tools as well.

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    About Procedural Worlds:

    At Procedural Worlds our mission is to empower people to create, automate and navigate worlds. Our products are easy to use, nicely integrated and well supported.

    We service indies, professionals and enterprise with our tools, and deliver custom projects for studios, enterprise and government. Our special power is that we have both a deep procedural technology stack, and an amazing team of experts, and we leverage this unique combination to create applications, games, sims, mapping and mmo / metaverse experiences at a fraction of the typical time and cost. Check out our gallery, and then

    contact us.

    We are a Unity Partner, Intel Partner, and have been a top asset store publisher since we first launched Gaia in 2015. Our reviews over this time speak for themselves.

    Our Products:


    World Building Bundle – 2021 Edition – Get another 20% off our most popular tools with this awesome bundle. It includes Gaia Pro 2021, Gena Pro, Ambient Sounds, Pegasus and SECTR 2019.


    Gaia Pro 2021 – Gaia 2 is an introductory version of Gaia Pro. Gaia 2 expands on the original Gaia 1 with multi terrain and biome support.

    GeNa Pro – GeNa Pro os the big brother of GeNa 2. It is a complete re-write, and includes all of the capability of GeNa 2 plus the ability to create splines, rivers, roads and villages and to shape and fill your terrain with rocks, trees grasses and more.

    SECTR Complete 2019 – A suite of performance-enhancing tools that enable open world streaming, massive mobile games and includes the latest techniques in audio occlusion and propagation.

    Ambient Sounds – A tool that creates interactive soundscapes that also comes with professionally composed sound effects and music library.

    Pegasus – A system that can drive anything along a path. Great for cut-scenes, and even has an ambient ai that supports formations, animation and local avoidance for your NPCs and animals!

    Stamp Packs

    As the inventor of the stamp concept, and obsessive landscape creators, we know a thing or two about stamps. Check out our Stamp Packs for a range of landscapes that work with Unity, our tools, and any other tool that supports the stamp concept.

    Game Ready Levels

    If you have our tools, and would like some optimised levels to build your game around or learn from, then check out our Game Ready Levels.

    Micro Biomes

    Micro Biomes are small biomes that are designed to be mixed and matched to create more interesting environments with Gaia Pro 2021 and GeNa Pro.

    Procedural Spawner Packs

    We take some of the best modular assets in the store and make it easy for you to use them in your scene with Gaia Pro and GeNa Pro and our Procedural Spawner Packs. Bring your artistic vision to life and procedurally create in minutes what would take weeks or months by hand!

    Upgrade Policy:

    Every year as we further develop our products we may charge an upgrade fee of 20-50% of the full purchase price for the next major release of our software. Our updates are done in sync with the yearly Unity release cycle i.e. 2020, 2021, 2022 etc.

    You are not obliged to upgrade to newer versions of our products and your product will continue to work on the Unity release it was targeted at, however, old versions of our products will not be supported on new versions of Unity.

    Upgrades support the team so that we can continue to support our products and you.

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