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vintage, 1980s, family house, home, Exterior, village, Country, abandoned, neighborhood, 1970s, Interior, VR, Rustic, URP, HDRP

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Asset Title: HQ Retro Farmhouse (Modular)

Publisher: NOT_Lonely

Category: 3d, environments, urban

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Video | High-res | 360-degree panoramas | Forum

URP and HDRP is now supported “out of the box”!

Far away from big cities you will find this silent place, where you can feel the cosiness of a county house and hear the crackle of vinyl sitting in a rocking chair near the fireplace…

HQ Retro Farmhouse – it’s an universal modular house with a lot of customizable stuff included.

►—–CINEMATIC VIDEO (rendered in Unity)—–◄

Do you need a clean bright house or an abandoned dirty one, infused with a mystical atmosphere? No problem!
The houses made with this pack could be absolutely different, have any layouts, different colors, patterns and age.
99% of all that you see here can be adjusted with few clicks: all the walls, roof, ceiling, floors, windows, doors, and big props such as sofa, chairs, kitchen set, beds, fireplace, bathtub, tables, closets and many more.


This pack has its own modular system which speed up the building process of new houses in few times and makes this process much and much smoother and focused, because you don’t need to drag and drop module prefabs every time in your scene any more. You just drag one uber module, and select needed type of it from its interface with a single click.


All the stuff in this pack has been crafted with a high attention to details and industry standards, so your scenes will look full-fledged, artistic and optimized.

Main features:

• modularity (with optional own modular system);
• customization of almost everything;
• over 500 objects;
• LOD-groups;
• about 620k triangles in the demo scene (with enabled LODs and disabled dynamic lighting);
• texture resolutions up to 4k;
• openable doors, windows, drawers;
• scripted doors;
• exterior and interior;
Built-in, HDRP, URP support;
“Out of the box” support of URP and HDRP with the demo scenes setup;
• BONUS: included the lite version of Object Placement Tool.

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