Modular Prison Pack HDRP – Published By Gabro Media

This is the HDRP (11.0) version upgrade to Modular Prison Pack!

It’s currently free f…


Short Description:

This is the HDRP (11.0) version upgrade to Modular Prison Pack!

It’s currently free f…


Discount: None

Asset Title: Modular Prison Pack HDRP

Publisher: Gabro Media

Category: 3d, environments, urban

More Details about this asset:

This is the HDRP (11.0) version upgrade to Modular Prison Pack!

It’s currently free for all customers who have purchased Modular Prison Pack in the past.

Trailer video of the standard 3D version

If you purchase this pack, you get the standard 3D version for free!

Reworked from the ground up, specifically for Unity’s High Definition Pipeline, this package is a comprehensive and versatile modular prison construction set that allows you to build complete 3D art environments in Unity. It supports interior and exterior completely, along with facilities listed below.

HDRP exclusive:

– HDRP volume environment
– Multi-volume scene configuration
– Custom and customised HDRP shaders
– New light maps and scene config


– Fully modular layout (Interior and exterior)
– Materials can be swapped (or your own ones can be used)
– Material customization supported (Color change)
– Vertex painting support (puddles and blood, currently) and decals for variety
– Fully set up demo scene on almost 8 acres of property to get you started
– 5 different cell block types (Materials can be changed for even more options)
– Facilities besides housing units: Dining, Infirmary, Control rooms, Shower, Visitation, Different offices, Orientation room, Changing room and exterior areas (exercise, basketball field, towers, etc.)
– Variety of materials allow you to build clean/new or older/dirty levels
– The modules can be used to build facilities other than prisons (offices, hospital building, etc.)

– HDRP compatibility check: Version 11.0 and up only!

Unity versions required: 2020.3.6 and newer!

Texture map sizes: 1024×32 (LUT), 128×128, 256×256, 512×512, 1024×1024, 2048×2048
Texture map count: 597
Total Mesh count: 498
Prefab count: 448
Number of materials: 197

Documentation can be downloaded here!

Polygon count: Few hundreds to thousands (one or more LOD meshes are provided for all meshes with dense geometry)
Colliders: Some primites, some custom made

Performance: Thoroughly tested with VR (HTC Vive). The demo scene is heavy and high-end hardware is required, but the set can be used to build much smaller, simpler environments.

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