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Landscape, Environment, realistic vegetation, Grass, PBR, Trees, Forest, foliage, HDRP, Realistic, nature, vegetation

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Asset Title: Real Landscapes – Valley Forest

Publisher: TriForge Assets

Category: 3d, environments

More Details about this asset:


High quality vegetation, rocks, plants and wood debris models and textures. Suitable for first and third person perspectives.

Custom, easy to use wind system and dynamic snow coverage for foliage and props make this pack very versatile and allow you to make snowy and non-snowy environments.

Shaders created with Amplify Shader Creator let you easily tweak further the shaders exactly to your needs.


Built-in Renderer (Unity 2019.4 or newer)

URP 7.5 (Unity 2019.4) to URP 10 (Unity 2020.3)

HDRP 10.4 (Unity 2020.3)

Known Limitations

(Built-in RP) SSAO will produce visual artifacts around geometry using Leaf Translucency shader due to Unity limitations. Using MSVO instead of SSAO is recommended.

Snow controller does not affect the terrain as the pack does not include a custom terrain shader.

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