Multiplayer Blackjack Game – Published By PlayMex


(Our demos use the same code; the only differences are design elements)


Short Description:


(Our demos use the same code; the only differences are design elements)

Mobile Version

Desktop WebGL Version


Built-in Server Installation

Game Features

Due to popular demand and huge success with our Blackjack game, Playmex now brings you the first and only Unity Multiplayer Blackjack! It boasts amazing features and a built-in server that allows you to adapt the design to your needs so that you can publish your own game straight away. Add your game into your website with our WebGL ready. Players can create a public room or choose to open a private room where they can change the number of decks or the individual time of each turn.

Please Note

You’ll need to install SocketIO for Native and WebGL builds for this Multiplayer Blackjack Game to work


– Up to three players per room

– Built-in server

– Option to open private or public rooms

– Public rooms are automatically opened when rooms are full

– Desktop and Mobile versions

– ‘Player Ready’ function

– ‘Start’ function when at least one player is ready

– Player Timer

– Game Round Timer

– In Game Chat

– Music and Sounds

– Player Name function

– Number of Decks customizable

– Full Game Code

– Avatar Selector

(Game Round Timer is not customizable)


– Blackjack pays 3 to 2

– Dealer stands on 17

– Insurance pays 2 to 1

– Double allowed

– You can split only once

– Even money allowed


The cost of this template includes all features and rules stated above. For any custom design requests, rule changes or general questions about changes to the template, please contact us for a custom quote via our website

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