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Character, Controller, 2D, 3D, Rigidbody, Dynamic, capsule, Platformer, Third Person

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Asset Title: Character Controller Pro

Publisher: Lightbug

Category: tools, physics

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» Important

– An intermediate level of programming is required to fully take advantage of the asset.
This is NOT a template asset, game creator, or similar (even though it may seem like one).

– Please read the section Important information from my web page.



Character Controller Pro is a 2D/3D Dynamic Capsule based character controller/system.
– The character controller allows you to handle the movement, rotation and size of your character (among other things) in a precise way.
– The character system (also called “implementation”) is built on top of the character controller. It main purpose is to give you some nice and extensible components (character states and abilities, input detection, AI, etc.) allowing you to quickly create your gameplay elements, without reinventing everything from the ground up.

The character controller works with both 2D and 3D physics, so you will get an “all in one” package. This is great if you want to create characters for your 2D and/or 3D projects, using one unified asset (otherwise you will probably have to buy two different assets with no connection between them whatsoever).


Please check all the features Here


The character is not just a vanilla Rigidbody moving around. Most of the Rigidbody properties are fully controlled by the main component (CharacterActor) in a very special way. Please, do not assume some physics related feature is going to work just like that because this is a “dynamic” character.

» If you have questions please check this FAQ first.

» Do you want to know everything in much more detail? Please, go to the Documentation. There you will find how the character works, how is the content organized, tutorials, and much more.

» Ask as much as you want, i’ll try to answer to your questions as fast as possible.

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