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Water, Ocean, waves, underwater, lake

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Asset Title: Crest Ocean System HDRP

Publisher: Wave Harmonic

Category: tools, particles-effects

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All proceeds are invested back into new features to add to our growing list:

  • Simulated light transport including reflection, refraction, scattering, caustics approximation, shadows
  • Wavey water with innovative ‘equalizer’ style wave authoring. Both FFT and ‘Gerstner’ approaches supported.
  • Query water displacement using GPU or CPU
  • Dynamic wave simulation (‘ripple sim’) for dynamic object-water interaction including boat wakes
  • Innovative ‘wave spline’ tech to give detailed control over water simulation including rivers, lakes and shorelines
  • Shallow water – light scattering and wave attenuation
  • Apply colour onto ocean surface similar to decals (also supports HDRP Decals)
  • Foam simulated from waves and shorelines
  • Manipulate ocean data (like foam) using mesh, trail, line and particle renderers.
  • Underwater effect with partial submersion and meniscus
  • Water volumes which can restrict rendering of both surface and underwater to a given geometry (eg sphere of water)
  • Shader Graph nodes for applying underwater to transparent objects
  • Flow to enable horizontal motion of water volume
  • Physics interface with simplistic buoyancy implementations and support for Dynamic Water Physics 2
  • Flexible time synchronisation to support networking and cutscene Timelines
  • Surface clipping to carve hulls/caves out of water surface
  • Ocean Shader Graph (2021.2 only)
  • Ray-Traced Reflections support (2021.2 only)
  • Decals supported
  • Screen-Space Reflections supported
  • VR/XR supported (both Multi-Pass and Single Pass Instanced)
  • Deferred and Forward rendering supported
  • Perspective and Orthographics rendering supported
  • Several example scenes covering many use cases
  • Detailed helpboxes display validation errors direct in the Inspector with fix buttons to guide setup
  • Online documentation with embedded videos
  • Much more..

Asset Compatibility

We avoid non-standard techniques and are not aware of any major incompatibilities. Our users also use Dynamic Water Physics 2, Enviro, Gaia, Microsplat, Nature Manufacture, Azure[Sky], Skybox Creator, Vegetation Studio, and many more..

Example Scenes

This asset comes with a few example scenes, including the ‘Submarine’ demo scene shown above. This scene was created by the Digital Wizards team (Aldana Zanetta and Fernando Zanetta).

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