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*** Easy Mobile is a Unity-recommended tool for making mobile games


*** NEW! Now supports…


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*** Easy Mobile is a Unity-recommended tool for making mobile games


*** NEW! Now supports…

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Asset Title: Easy Mobile Pro

Publisher: SgLib Games

Category: tools, integration

More Details about this asset:

*** Easy Mobile is a Unity-recommended tool for making mobile games


*** NEW! Now supports:

– Unity Ads v4!

– AdMob v6 with the new Rewarded Interstitial ad format!

Easy Mobile Pro is a many-in-one plugin that greatly simplifies the implementation of common-features-on-every-mobile-game such as advertising, in-app purchasing, game services, notifications, sharing, etc. Our vision is to create a standard package that is integrated in every Unity mobile game, taking care of all “necessary evils” so you can focus on doing the most important thing in game development: creating fun!


&#9642 Cross-platform: intuitive, cross-platform API that can accomplish most tasks with a single line of code.

&#9642 Friendly Editor: beautiful & easy-to-use editor for controlling everything from one place.

&#9642 Automation: automating chores such as service initialization and ad loading.

&#9642 Modular Design: use only what are needed and not be worried about redundancies or contradictions with existing code.

&#9642 Leveraging Official SDKs: to form a coherent system that maximizes usability and reliability – without reinventing the wheel!

&#9672 LINKS

Website | User Guide | API Reference | Video Tutorials | Support

&#9672 DEMO

Demo APK


This plugin is currently packed with the following modules:

&#9642 Advertising

– AdColony, AdMob, AppLovin MAX, Chartboost, Facebook Audience Network, Heyzap (Fyber), ironSource, MoPub, Tapjoy, Unity Ads & Vungle support.

– One unified API for all ad networks.

– Automatic ad loading.

– Banner, interstitial, rewarded ads – and the brand new rewarded interstitial format!

– Multiple ad placements.

– User consent support (GDPR compliant).

&#9642 Game Services

– Game Center (iOS) and Google Play Game Services (Android) support.

– Leaderboards & Achievements.

– Saved Games (using iCloud & Google Drive).

– Turn-Based Multiplayer (iOS only).

– Real-Time Multiplayer (iOS only).

&#9642 GIF

– Reading GIF images with a fast and flexible native decoder.

– Low-overhead screen recorder.

– Built-in players for recorded clip playback.

– Mobile-friendly GIF encoder.

Giphy upload API for sharing GIF to social networks.

-> Demo: Testing Clip

&#9642 In-App Purchasing

– Leverages Unity In-App Purchasing service.

– Multiple stores supported: App Store, Google Play, Amazon Apps, etc.

– Consumable, non-consumable & subscription products.

– Auto initialization.

– Custom editor for easy management of product catalog.

– Local receipt validation.

– Apple’s Ask-To-Buy.

– Apple’s Promotional Purchases.

&#9642 Native APIs

– UI: mobile native UI elements (alerts, toasts).

– Camera & Gallery API: taking photos, recording videos, picking images from the device gallery, etc.

– Contacts API: adding, picking, deleting contacts.

&#9642 Notifications

– Fully-customizable local notifications.

– Android 8.0 notification channels & channel groups support.

– Push notifications: OneSignal and Firebase Cloud Messaging support.

– User consent support (GDPR compliant).

&#9642 Privacy

– App Tracking Transparency on iOS 14 and newer.

– Tools and resources to help with getting GDPR-compliant.

– Native consent dialog that provides a common consent collecting interface for all relevant services.

– Built-in flexible consent management system.

– Location detector to check if the current device is in the European Economic Area region (affected by GDPR).

&#9642 Sharing

– Shares texts, URLs and images using the mobile native sharing functionality.

&#9642 Utilities

– Store Review: an effective way to ask for app rating using the native, standard review popups provided by iOS and Android.

&#9672 APIs:

– C# language.

– Visual Scripting (Playmaker support with over 100 actions).


– Easy Mobile supports two major mobile platforms: iOS and Android.

– Easy Mobile works with any Unity project targeting iOS and Android, not just SgLib Games’ templates.

– Full C# source code is included.

– Refunds can only be granted if you haven’t downloaded the asset.

&#9672 RATE US:

Your rating, review and feedback are much appreciated!


Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


This asset uses:

– External Dependency Manager by Google under the Apache License.

– Moments recoder by Thomas Hourdel under Zlib License.

– Montserrat font under the Open Font License.

– Josefin Sans font under the Open Font License.

* See Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details.

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