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Tank, track, tracks, Physics, military

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Physics Tank Maker can be used as a template to create tank battle games.
Also can be used as a tool to build physics vehicles with various crawler tracks.
Please try the
Playable Demo 3.2.2
. All the scenes and tanks are included.

As a template, it provides a variety of features for games as follows.
– Camera functions [rotation (third person, first person), zoom, pop-up, avoid obstacle]
– Aiming functions [free aiming, reticle, lead-marker]
– Damage system [hit-points(turret, body, tracks), weak / strong points, breakable turret, breakable and repairable tracks]
– AI system [patrol waypoints, detection, tracking, lead-shooting, etc]
– Event system [3 triggers (time, destroy, collision), 7 events (spawn, message, change settings, remove, support fire, destroy, result)]
– Indicators [position, state, speed, hit-points]
– Tank editor [appearance, driving, turret, gun, sound, etc]
– Finished tank prefabs [Cromwell, Firefly, Moser Karl, KV-I, KV-II, Panzer-IV, Sdkfz251(half-track), T-34-76, T-34-85, T-35(multiple turrets), Tiger-I, Type-89(JP), BT-7, BT-42]

As a tool for creating physics vehicles…
– 3 types of track systems [physics(heavy), static(balanced), scroll(light)]
– Wheels editor [road wheels (with suspension), idler wheels, sprocket wheels, support wheels, steered wheels]
– Driving settings [speed, acceleration, brake-turn, pivot-turn]

To use external tank models, you need basic skills of 3D modeling as follows.
– Separate an object into several parts. e.g. Turret >> Turet, Cannon, Barrel
– Combine several objects. e.g. Hull + Skirts + Hatches >> MainBody
– Change the position, rotation and scale.
– Reset the pivot at will.
– Create a simple mesh using primitive objects.
– Export the model into Unity at correct scale and rotation.
Please read Modeling Manual.
Feel free to contact me if you have any issues with importing, rigging, remodeling and so on.

[Upgraded Assets from Version 1.x]
– Additional tank models (Panzer IV, T-34-76, T-34-85, Cromwell, BT-7, BT-42)
– Improved free-aiming system
– Improved AI system
– Improved damage system
– Improved event system
– Improved indicators

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