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A tool to assist in the design of real-world projection systems.

Note: This asset is intended for use by projection engineers. If you are after a projection effect for your Unity game, see our other asset Projector Simulator.


Includes tool to create projector definitions including chassis size, lens characteristics, and metadata. Save projector definitions as files for use in other projects.


Generate flat, cylindrical, conical, spherical, or CAVE screens – or use your own 3d models. Front or rear-projection is supported.


Analyse expected resolution or luminance values from any eyepoint location. Analysis results appear as heatmaps on screen surfaces. You can inspect the value at any individual point.


Generate equirectangular images from any eyepoint’s perspective.

Content Visualisation

Project any 2d image or RenderTexture. Use 1.2’s new Projection Mapping feature to simulate warping content to screen surfaces – even continuously over multiple projectors.

Optimised and Robust

Projector Simulator Pro is based upon the proven technology of Projector Simulator. The Shader-based implementation allows the smooth editing of multiple projectors simultaneously


Create projector groups using Unity’s hierarchy. Edit whole groups by selecting the parent.

If you have any questions, please get in touch on the forum thread or via email.

HDRP/URP is not currently supported. If you need a projection effect for HDRP, please see Projector Simulator (link above).

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