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    Discount: 10% OFF

    Asset Title: Rail Shooter – Game Template

    Publisher: Procedural Worlds

    Category: tools, game-toolkits

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    Create a Rail Shooter spaceship game in minutes!

    Learning to create a new game in Unity can be fun, but it can also be daunting to start from scratch without any guidance at all. 

    Procedural Worlds Game Templates help you by providing a solid basis for the core mechanics of your next game. Drag and drop a few prefabs in your scene, and you get the first playable level. String multiple scenes together to create a complete game with multiple levels. From there you can exchange art assets and further expand on the template to make the game your own.

    The Rail Shooter Template contains the game elements from the classic rail shooter genre. Players travel along a predetermined path with a spaceship, shooting at enemies that appear on the screen. The aim is to survive the level whilst beating the high score. This template is a good starting point for a game with an arcade-style feel.

    The pack contains the core tech for

    • Controlling a player spaceship in 3rd person (Movement, shooting)
    • Guiding player movement along a GeNa spline (or free form)
    • Game Menu and Game States (Playing / Paused / Game Over)
    • Basic enemy placement, movement and AI behavior
    • Simple UI for displaying, health, score etc.
    • Shooting and destroying enemies
    • Collectable PowerUps
    • Speed Boost and Health
    • Level Switching / Loading

    It comes with 2 demo scenes, one standalone scene made without the usage of additional tools, and one integrated scene where Gaia and GeNa were used to create the background landscape. The screenshots above were taken from the integrated scene, the landscape, water and sky are part of Gaia and not included in this package.

    GeNa Pro is required to create the splines for rails based player movement, however no dependencies are required for free form movement in your world. 

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