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Asset Title: The Domik – A Procedural House Generator

Publisher: Cuddle Cats

Category: tools, level-design

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Documentation | Demo | Discord | Unity Forum | Roadmap

Help: domik.help@gmail.com

The main point of the Domik is an idea that you can take any house modular system and construct a procedural system based on it, so yeah, feel free to use 2D or 3D assets, medieval or sci-fi themes, roguelikes or story-driven games… Do what you want and the Domik will help you.

From the Domik perspective, a house is a collection of cells, and every cell is a bunch of house parts. The part is an abstract idea of some object in the house, and you can add or remove parts by the Pipeline. The Pipeline is a visual instruction of the generation of the house, you have to use it to describe how you want to construct it.

The Pipeline will make a collection of house cells and then the Domik will build it by the skins system. The skin is a collection of part builders.

Basically, The Domik ask the skin is it have a part builder for the part, and if it is, the Domik ask it to make it.

That’s all.

So, to convert your modular system to the procedural generator you have to create skins from your assets, then you have to extract parts from skins and use these parts to define how to generate a house.

Or… you can just use an adorable low-poly house system that is included 😀

Special Thanks:

Node Graph Processor: Antoine Lelievre

3D Models: Kenney

Textures: ambientCG, Poly Haven, cgbookcase, Share Textures

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