[50% OFF] Fire & Smoke – Dynamic Nature – Published By NatureManufacture

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smoke, VFX, embers, Particles Pack, HD RP, torch, pit, volumetric, Shader, particles, Fire, URP

Short Description:

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Discount: 50% OFF

Asset Title: Fire & Smoke – Dynamic Nature

Publisher: NatureManufacture

Category: vfx, particles, fire-explosions

More Details about this asset:

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Tutorial with shaders, materials features will come in upcomming days.

Pack support:

– Unity 2021.2 and higher

– Unity 2021.2 HD RP

– Unity 2021.2 URP

To run HD or URP, please import pack to HD or URP ,project and then import support pack which is inside the asset in “HD and URP” folder. It will replace shaders, prefabs, meshes so they will work with RP out of the box. Please also check readme files inside that folder.

For unity standard, pack need shader graph asset inside project. You can import it via unity package manager.

This pack help you to add high quality particle effects with low performance cost. Multiple variants of shaders will help you to optimize render and gain proper effect to specific situation.

Inside package you will find:

– 10 smoke prefabs in 4 variants (standard, urp) 6 variants ( hd rp),

– 15 additional smoke examples with different shader setup,

– 14 mixed prefabs (ashes, flames, embers, torch, fire pit),

– 5 particle shaders which react on wind direction, speed, shiver, gust etc,

– Nature Manufacture wind script and prefabs,

– HD and URP support files which will replace prefabs, shaders and materials directly for hd or urp engine version,

– Manual for fire and smoke shaders,

– Example models of fire pit, torch,

– 46 particle textures in 1024-2048 resolution.

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