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Post processing stack, filter, URP, Camera, post processing, Image Enhancement, Image Effect

Short Description:

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📦 Included effects:

Edge detection Highlight the edges of objects or colors

Fog Distance and height fog with 2D density noise. As well as single, gradient and skybox color modes.

Sunshafts Radiate sun rays from a directional light and skybox

Caustics Projects an animated caustics texture over the scene, within a certain height range

Color Grading LUT Use any third-party LUT strip, with the option to fade two LUTs over distance.

Cloud Shadows Projects a texture over the world (cloud example texture included)

Tilt Shift Horizontal or Radial depth of field effect

Ripples Make the image appear to wave

Lens Flares Draw procedural lens flares on bright spots

Colorize Remaps the screen’s color to a gradient texture (eg. night or thermal vision)

Refraction Create cracked glass, scratches, frost etc.

Kuwuhara Transforms the image into a real-time oil-painting

Sketch Creates a hatching effect based on luminance

Ambient Occlusion 2D Adds self shadowing based on luminance

Light streaks JJ-Abrams style lens flares. Extends bloom with light streaks

Blur Gaussian and Box blurring methods

Speed Lines Anime/cartoon speed effect

Color Split Simulates the derefraction of color channels

Radial blur Blurs the image towards the edges of the screen (aka Bethesda-style pain effect)

Pixelize A retro resolution effect, creates pseudo pixelart

Dithering Creates a checker-pattern Lo-Fi shading effect

Posterize Limits the screen to old school 1-16bit color depth

Sharpen Makes the image appear crisper (useful when using TAA)

Double Vision Crosseyed vision, either full-screen or limited to the edges

Hue Shift 3D Simulates psychedelic color breathing

Overlay Fix an image to the screen, includes blending options

Kaleidoscope Splits the screen up into mirrored “pie” pieces

Transition Steps through a gradient to transition to a black screen (eg. GBA Pokemen)

Black Bars Creates a vertical/horizontal letter-boxing effect

Scanlines Draw horizontal lines over the screen

Tube Distortion Bend the image like a CRT screen

Danger Warn for damage or grow ice over the screen.

Gradient Draws a gradient over the screen

Mosaic Circular, hexagonal and triangle patterns

Demo content includes sample textures for all effects.

🎁 Example profiles:

• Comic book

• Night vision

• Painterly

• Psychedelic

• Retro

• Underwater

✔️ Compatibility

  • This package is primarily developed for PC/Mac/Consoles. Mobile and web platforms are not supported.
  • For the Built-in and Universal render pipelines. Excluding HDRP.
  • VR has been tested with Single-Pass Stereo Rendering using an Oculus Rift. Some features are excluded:
  • Full compatibility details

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