⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stylized Grass Shader – Published By Staggart Creations

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Grass, URP, Plants, Wind, Shader, Stylized, nature, universal render pipeline, interactive grass, Grass urp

Short Description:

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Key features

• Lush wind animations

• Per object and per vertex color variation, breaks up visual repetition

• Easy to use interaction system. Bending and flattening through trails, meshes, lines or particle effects

• Sun light translucency rendering

• Color blending with terrain surface (supports tiled setups and mesh terrains)

• Perspective correction, for optimal coverage when viewed from top-down

• Angle fading, fades out faces not oriented to camera

• Includes several grass/flowers models and textures designed for mass placement.


SRP Batching compatible

• Physically-based or simple shading mode (similar to the Lit and Simple Lit shaders)

• Expertly crafted hand-written shader, for optimal efficiency.


Compatible with, and designed for PC/Mac/Consoles. Not suitable for mobile platforms.

One-click integration for Vegetation Studio/Pro, Nature Renderer, GPU Instancer, Curved World 2020.


• Not a grass placement/render tool (documentation includes tips)

• Static batching will break per-object randomization

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