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○ Overview

Combine the power of the award-winning shading and unification tools provided by the Vegetation Engine with the power of the optimized impostors provided by Amplify Impostors! The Amplify Impostors Module includes presets and runtime shaders for perfect baking with Standard, Universal, and HD pipelines, while the seasons, overlay, wetness, wind, and interaction remain dynamic!

○ What’s new?

Version 1.3.0 closes the gap between the Vegetation Engine and the Amplify Impostor Module shaders. Now all features like Transmission, Diffusion Profiles (HDRP), Baked Detail Blending, Top Projection, working all Light types, and more tweaking settings are supported! The Baker shader is greatly improved, resulting in much closer results between the original materials and the baked impostor!


The latest version of the Vegetation Engine is required for the module to work!

The latest version of Amplify Impostors is required for the impostors baking!

🛈 The Vegetation Engine is a set of high-quality shaders and tools designed to unify 3rd party vegetation under the same system. Enable high-quality wind motion, interaction, seasons, wetness, subsurface, height-based blending, etc. for all vegetation assets with Standard, Universal, or HD Render Pipeline!

🛈 Amplify Impostors is a modern and flexible impostors authoring tool used to bake high-density geometry to quads while keeping the original shading! Impostors can be moved, rotated, scaled, receive and cast shadows, intersect other objects or impostors, and can be used with LODGroup or any LOD system.

○ Compatibility

The Amplify Impostors Module supports the following Render Pipelines:

Standard Render Pipeline 2019.4+

Universal Render Pipeline 7 – 12+

HD Render Pipeline 7 – 12+

The Amplify Impostors Module has integration with the following 3rd party tools:

Amplify Shader Editor – Full shader editing support

Nature Renderer – Procedural Instancing support

Vegetation Studio – Instanced Indirect support

Vegetation Studio Pro – Instanced Indirect support

GPU Instancer – Instanced Indirect support

The Amplify Impostors Module supports the following modules:

The Vegetation Engine • Terrain Elements Module

○ Features

The Vegetation Engine systems support: Motion, Seasons, Overlay, Wetness

The Vegetation Engine elements support: Colors, Overlay, Wetness, Alpha, Motion Interaction, Motion Direction, Motion Flow, Wind Power

Realistic Transmission support in Standard RP and URP | NEW

Diffusion Profiles Transmission support in HDRP | NEW

All light types are now supported for Transmission | NEW

Deferred and Subsurface shader types support | NEW

Baked Detail Blending support for Bark and Props | NEW

Top Projection Detail Blending support Object shaders | NEW

Separate color and saturation tweaking for bark and leaves | NEW

Amplify Shader Editor support

Zero global keywords used

Basic demo scene included

○ Limitations

🞫 Shader Model 4.0+ capable devices are required (Desktop / High-End Mobile)

🞫 Oculus Quest and other Mobile-based VR devices are not supported

🞫 Only Bending animation is supported

🞫 HDRP with Forward Only is not supported

🞫 HDRP with TAA cause blurry results with impostors

🞫 URP 11 Screen Space AO is not yet supported!

🞫 Lightmap baking with impostors is not supported and is out of scope!

○ Disclaimer

⚑ Due to their nature, impostors are designed to be used as distance LODs. While the baking will match the original shader settings, the lighting will not match perfectly, but it will be quite close to the original!

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